yle="overflow: auto;">Gijoe 1LD says: Hi Brothers, Sorry I haven't been on the AW2 server for so long; but I have been playing one of the games of the future....Arma 3...This game come so close to real combat then any other games I have ever played since 1996 when I started in 1996 with "Delta Force". John, I hope one day I will see the three generals in the servers of Arma. I will from time to time come back to AW2 for the combat of AW 2 to see my brothers of the 3 Generals. You all are all my brothers. Salute! /**

Zaphod says: Happy Easter everyone.

Zilverling says: awww not for the rabit just hunt some eastereggs like we do

Zaphod says: We as a Clan/Squad will not be celebrating Easter due to the escape of some Mutant Rabits.
We are going hunting.

Zaphod says: Good to hear you again and play a game with you, more please.