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says: Hi Brothers, Sorry I haven't been on the AW2 server for so long; but I have been playing one of the games of the future....Arma 3...This game come so close to real combat then any other games I have ever played since 1996 when I started in 1996 with "Delta Force". John, I hope one day I will see the three generals in the servers of Arma. I will from time to time come back to AW2 for the combat of AW 2 to see my brothers of the 3 Generals. You all are all my brothers. Salute! /**
says: Happy Easter everyone.
says: awww not for the rabit just hunt some eastereggs like we do
says: We as a Clan/Squad will not be celebrating Easter due to the escape of some Mutant Rabits.
We are going hunting.
says: Good to hear you again and play a game with you, more please.
says: Glad to hear it Zil, get well soon.
says: I am Back from the Hospital, everything went well, enjoying being home again.
says: Speedy recovery Zil.
says: I'm back and ready to do some decapitation and blood lust.
says: My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the great travesty in FLORIDA. My heart goes out to you.
says: Happy Valentines day.
says: Happy Sunday
says: happy new year , from holland
says: Happy New Year everyone... I have a hangover
says: Never too late ole friend, Bonne annee, vieil ami.
says: Not too late to wish you all a happy new year and the best for 2018 !!! ;-)
says: Happy New Year Everybody!
says: Wishing everyone a happy New year's celebrations, hoping 2018 will be a better year for you all.

Happy New year!
says: @Dac: I only have ArmA/QG/CWA - I tested an ArmA2 demo when it was new, but it was too much for my computer, so no.
says: For more details, please check the forum, I started a new topic about this subject.
says: I just bought Arma 2: Combined Arms for a cheap price on Steam. There is a Coop mode called "Chernarus Apocalypse" that I plan to install. It's about escaping from a zombie outbreak. From what I have seen on Youtube, it has a great potential. Does any of you lads already have it , or would you be interested to try it one day ? I ask this because Arma 2 is not among the games usually associated with the clan.
says: Merry Christmas, from Holland enjoy all youre free day's
says: Im really busy with my mother at home but i cant forget to wish you all Merry Christmas and health and money and .....Beers for the next year who's coming soon ;-) best regards for all !!!! Philippe
says: Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great one.
says: Hi John, Merry Christmas to you and all the others. Happy holiday season.

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