Shoutbox History

says: OH GOD! She's got a Mic again!!!!
says: Hi mates! I know it has been a while, but I was wanting to see if you all are still play AW 2 or have you move up to Arma 3 yet. I have meet alot of people from England as well as many other countries in Europe. I feel TG would be a great addition to the game. I hope this message finds all of you and yours do well. I miss you all. Salute! /**
says: Hi guys, hope you are all well. I keep looking on your TS3 but never anybody about, I guess it is just bad timing lol. Anybody seen or had / played " Frontlines-fuel of war ". A great 2008 game, company has gone down with all the main servers. Been trying to find a way to play on LAN but most programs do not support it. Need at least 8 players to make it work.

Talk to you soon
says: Happy Birthday ghostly737  have a nice day
says: Hello all just a little word to give you some news from me,im just too much busy for joining you all but i dont forget nobody,hope you're all in good health cyu soon  have a nice day !!! ;-)
says: Now we can hear you Gumby.
says: Thank you Zilverling.
says: Hey John I got my sound card fixed! GRRR!
says: Happy Birthday Zaphod, enjoy youre day
says: had my birthday party, 3 days with family and friends, and no just 1 year older not 3.
Thanks for youre wishes
says: Happy Birthday Zilverling.
Have a great day and indulge in anything you desire. x
says: Happy and healty Thursday, for everyone
says: Hi Brothers, Sorry I haven't been on the AW2 server for so long; but I have been playing one of the games of the future....Arma 3...This game come so close to real combat then any other games I have ever played since 1996 when I started in 1996 with "Delta Force". John, I hope one day I will see the three generals in the servers of Arma. I will from time to time come back to AW2 for the combat of AW 2 to see my brothers of the 3 Generals. You all are all my brothers. Salute! /**
says: Happy Easter everyone.
says: awww not for the rabit just hunt some eastereggs like we do
says: We as a Clan/Squad will not be celebrating Easter due to the escape of some Mutant Rabits.
We are going hunting.
says: Good to hear you again and play a game with you, more please.
says: Glad to hear it Zil, get well soon.
says: I am Back from the Hospital, everything went well, enjoying being home again.
says: Speedy recovery Zil.
says: I'm back and ready to do some decapitation and blood lust.
says: My deepest sympathies go out to the families of the great travesty in FLORIDA. My heart goes out to you.
says: Happy Valentines day.
says: Happy Sunday

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