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xx Pasta in the oven
June 25, 2020, 06:22:48 PM by Zilverling
I tried this and it tasted great  so I want to share the recept with you

You need for this:

150 gram pasta, 1 litle union, 1/2 cauliflouwer,100 gram baconsrips, 100 ml creme fraiche, handfull grated cheese, 125 gram leek, about 1 teaspoon curry, 1 teaspoon sweet peper (Paprika), 1 red peper, (without the seeds). maybe a litle salt and pepper.

The making:
Heat the oven on 200 degrees, In the ime cook the pasta. Cut the cauliflower in pieces and coock it 8 a 10 minutes.
Cut the union , red pepper and the leek in pieces.

Put some oil in the fryingpan and backe  the union, redpeper , leek, curry and paprika powder about 5 minutes , hen backe the bacon stripes a few minutes with it  then stir the creme fraiche and the cheese with it. ready
Add the pasta, cauliflouwer and a lile salt and pepper.
 Stir everything and scoop it in a casserole , you can put some more cheese on it

15 minutes in the oven till the cheese melted

enjoy youre diner.
xx Corona
March 13, 2020, 09:46:10 PM by Zilverling
For a while we have Corona, first in China and it's now going over the whole World. About two weeks ago I sneezed in the drugstore ( I have hay fever) I got one man he put on look at me in 30 seconds out of the store. I could laugh silently of it.
But now in my country it gets more serieus, today it's the first day that people start buying the supermarkets empty. all the toilet paper and the instantfoods were bought. soap coffee thin cans people are crazy. looks like war. We shouldn't do that but when one sheep does it the rest folows and there is no stopping.
the funniest thing tommorow the fill the supermarkets again, cause they have enough storage.
I am not happy with my hay fever cause by every sneeze people get more nervous around me.

Because all the people buys al the toiletpaper.
We have start I new cooking book for them.

Seven delicious recipes with toiletpaper

1. Fried toilet rolls

Heat the fryer on. Meanwhile, wrap the paper until you only hold the cardboard rolls. Place the rolls then into simmering fat until they become crisp. The paper can be shredded for garnish.

2. Toilet paper soup

All you need is a pot of water, toilet paper and a hand blender. If necessary, add a few tablets of youre diswasser  to, for a fresh aftertaste. Enjoy your meal!

3. Toilet paper canned

Admittedly toilet paper look is not as tasty as fresh toilet paper. But it is also true that it is very long lasting. If hitting the supermarkets empty, you have until the end of time toilet paper on food. And for children a roll of toilet paper with mayonnaise and ketchup a real treat.!

4. Toilet paper in tomato sauce

A classic British cuisine, soft paper sucks sour, salty tomato sauce completely. British food court prefers at breakfast, but it is also very good as a snack, or lunch, or dinner, for the lover even as dessert. Little can go wrong with this recipe, since it is just sauce and paper, but it is important to use at least double layer of toilet paper, otherwise it quickly falls apart in the sauce.

5. Paper haché

not something you can just as quickly. It will need some time to get good taste, but then you have a really high culinary art. Furthermore, it is not only healthy, but you can also look very nice shapes make it. Nice for when guests would get so!

6. Paper toilette au vin

Now you're in the next two weeks at home, you finally have time to try to paper toilette au vin recipe. Lay already a roll in the red wine and let stand for a few hours on low heat. The paper should really drop a little apart, it is the best. Thus, even the four-layer soft toilet. Thyme and bay go here for delicious.

7. The cardboard

Something many people do not know: but you can also use the cardboard inside fine food. Just try. It sucks when you can enjoy it longer.

Take care, wish everyone good health
xx Bicycle
February 24, 2020, 06:46:33 PM by Zilverling
Last week my Bicycle broke   No I had no accident but my backwheel just stopped spinning
We put the wheel upside down in the room To cold to make it outside.
 You never would have thought that there are so many parts conected to the back wheel
And of course we needed to order some spare parts
I have no technical skils but we ordered a new midle of my wheel "hub"
Somy bike and he wheels ends up in the shed.

Means day's of walking to the supermarket. I decide to buy a shoppingbag on wheels.
I had to put it together in the shoppingmall so I could use it immediately.
I maneged to do it ... a proud and litle technical feeling comes over me.

Now I like to walk to the supermarket, i see more and have more time.
Now my bike the spare part arrived seems to be not the same as the original.
It was no problem Bert made it work.
Tommorow the gear...

and then on the road again :thmbup
xx Blog
February 24, 2020, 06:23:36 PM by Zilverling
For the first time I read actualy the meaning of the word Blog.  A  Webblog is place were you write What you want to share with a public.
I have done that,  I had no experience when I started here. But there stands things in my blog  that I liked , I have made a lot of recipes of things we liked to eat.
I stil like to try new things to eat. There stands some personal story's, over people I mis,  and some things what has been odd news from the Netherlands
I have pimpt it with some online jokes and pictures.

There is a time for writing and a time for gaming. So there  have been silenced times  Times for other things. Sometimes I even forgot how things works
And then I am happy there is a forum, were I can ask the questions  about things I have forgotten.  TG was the first forum that I used
So here I got my experiences from, and it gave me the courage to use other forums on steam and Novaworld.

Maybe you think, read first about an blog before you start one, and youre right,
But now I know, and maybe my blogs wil get better.
xx Some found wishdom
December 10, 2019, 05:27:08 PM by Zilverling
“Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
 Listen to the don'ts.
 Listen to the shouldn'ts,
the impossibles, the won'ts.
 Listen to the never haves,
 then listen close to me...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.”
xx Simba
August 11, 2019, 04:16:54 PM by Zilverling
[smg id=1345 type=full align=center caption="Simba 11-08-2019"]
xx Onoo not another update
July 11, 2019, 08:45:47 PM by Zilverling
Do you recognize, being in a game have a wunderfull evening, and then bed time, you want to put youre computer out , and there it starts
Windows wants to update don't close youre computer.
Well I want to cloose it or I will fal asleep behind that "THING".
Now a day's I let the computer on and just cloose my monitor.

But then the next time you want to game.........
Computer is updating   Arch onooo didn't he do that last night wen I left it on, wel the comuter is opdating so I clean some windows  (real windows ) not computer ones cause there updating. Done my windows ........... computer stil updating  arch I clean my Desk (real desk) i Can hear the clock downstairs.
OMG it's updating for half an houer now.

Now my pc done it I am getting frustrated, and press the reset button.

It starts up again thank you up there And know ....... computer can't up date  it's going to restore his program.

oww   my God is  my computer going to down date know???

I go and do some laundry and yes after another 15 minutes I see windows again
I look at my clean windows and desk and think
shoot i be angry or happy spending my time
like this
xx Europian Parlement voting or not
May 21, 2019, 07:02:43 PM by Zilverling
Thursday we can vote for the Europian Parlement. my first reaction was I am not going to vote. I like my country to be my country and not a Province from Europe. Things has changed to much. By the Shoppingmall or in the centre of the town, We have East Europians making most of the time awfull music and asking for money. I watched it and see the musisian use an expensive cellphone I could not afford that, and he drives away on a scooter, somuch for the poor and the beggin.
Ouer prime minister had a new goal, everyone who has no job should filling boxes in shops, He says we don't want to do this job, and people from Poland do these jobs in hour supermarkets for us.
Well Minister Rutte I have news for you, Last year I did twelve job letters to get that job. But they doesn't want me Because I have "no experience" to put merchandise on shelves.

I don't know much about Europe, I don't know nothing about politicians.
But I learned they doesn't know nothing about us.
We are treated as one group :( the group that doesn't want to work.
 But they opened all the borders for foreigers to take the available jobs.

I go and vote Thursday for a party who wants to have less to do with Europe.
And hope we can reign ouer country , instead let Europe do it.
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