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xx Happy weekend every one
October 21, 2016, 01:13:45 PM by Zilverling
xx Schots shortbread
October 06, 2016, 06:45:21 PM by Zilverling
Scottish shortbread cookies

 amenities: 200 grams of flour, two tablespoons rice flour, 175 grams of sugar, 100 grams very fine granulated sugar, two teaspoons of vanilla essence,, two teaspoons coarse granulated sugar preheat the oven to 150 degrees.

 Line a form of 28 x 18 cm with parchment paper.

 Sift the flour in a large come add the rice flour. Beat the butter with the caster sugar creamy. Add the vanilla and stir the flour mixture through. Knead briefly until a ball of dough, press it in the form. Bake the cake 45 to 50 minutes.
there already cooked from if it's still not quite the case, so it certainly Bake 45 minutes. Take the vormuit the oven and sprinkle the pastry with the coarse granulated sugar.

Cut it into strips let it cool 20 minutes take them out from the form. store the cakes up to 5 days in a tightly sealed drum.

Variation Sprinkle  no sugar on the cakes when they are done, but melt a chocolate bar and dip the strips cake into the chocolate and let it cool

it tast jummy
xx It happens in Holland..... bad mail delivery company
October 04, 2016, 05:18:27 PM by Zilverling

Today I see a message one facebook from my daughter in law. She expecting a pakage from a company.
Was waiting for it Then the delevery company drives trough the street. But doesn;t stop and ring the doorbel.
She calls the company and they make a mistake and come back to deliver it. They drive again trouw the street Rachel running as good as she could to stop them.

They stopped and told her they delivered their closet at number 172. a houseblock and 4 houses away.
She could go their for her closet ask it back. She went there no one in house bel is disabled and curtains are closed.
  Then the delivery company came back to that house, same thing no one at home. they left a note. If they people who lived there would be so nice and delivere the closet at number 192.

She called the shop were they bought the closet they say were not responsable, but they have paid in the shop they money for delivering the closet.

The deliver company wil come back tommorow if it's not delivered by then.
Maybe DPD wil bring a new closet yet.

I went on their website they say they deliver save and on time.

If she didn't has seen them driving she would never have known that they delivered it somewere else. Not 1 note or massage in her mailbox.

now its waiting what is going to happen 
xx compassion
September 30, 2016, 07:35:44 AM by Zilverling

Release what has been.
appreciate what is
and trust what has to come.

xx Lange vingers........ Long fingers....... biscuits
August 28, 2016, 07:21:06 PM by Zilverling
Thanks to my "dauchter ' in Law a new recept for long fingers

You need 3 eggs, 100 gr sugar, 100 gram flouer and a litle sugar and chinamon for sprinkling the cookies.

I heat up the oven at 200 degrees celsius. I separeted the eggs the white from the yellow.
I put in a bowl the egg white and 50 gram sugar
I used my mixer and mix the white and the sugar until it looks a litle yellow, then I put the other 50 gram sugar to it
and mix again till the dough is very stiff.
Then you take a spoon and you spatel gentely the egg yellow trough the dough, after that you gentely spatel the flouer through the dough.

When that is done you fill the dough in a pasterybag.  And you can make stripes from about 10 cm on a griddle with some oven  backingpaper on it .
I then sprinckled it with some sugar with chinemon.
and back the cookies in 10 a 15 minutes.

Enjoy the fingers
xx Just followed the discryption
August 25, 2016, 10:22:59 PM by Zilverling
xx songtekst
August 18, 2016, 09:29:31 PM by Zilverling
On the road of experience, I'm trying to find my own way.
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away
When I think that I'm moving, suddenly things stand still
I'm afraid 'cause I think they always will

And I'm looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I'm looking to know and understand
It's a sweet, sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
And sometimes I'm deep in despair

All alone in the universe, sometimes that's how it seems
I get lost in the sadness and the screams
Then I look in the center, suddenly everything's clear
I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams

And I'm looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I'm looking to know and understand
It's a sweet, sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
And sometimes I'm deep in despair

On the road of experience, join in the living day
If there's an answer, it's just that it's just that way

When you're looking for space
And to find out who you are
When you're looking to try and reach the stars
It's a sweet, sweet, sweet dream
Sometimes I'm almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
But sometimes I'm deep in despair
Sometimes I fly like an eagle,
Like an eagle
I go flying flying
xx home made asparagus soup
June 25, 2016, 12:06:13 PM by Zilverling
I looked in the refriderator, to try and make something from the things there were insite so I don't have to go out for shopping

I made soup  ingredients are : About 5 liter water, about 400 gr asparagus, 150 gr chickenbreast, 3 springonions or forrest unions. 1 table spoon of stock cube
a Litl vermicelli
 1 teaspoon with sambal herbal infusion bag with beef flavour. and some cellery salt and peper..

Peel the asparagus and cut  each of them in four pieces, put them in the pan with water. fry the chicken with some salt and peper. cut the three litle unions in pieces and put it in the pan with the asparagus soup. cut a slice of red paprika in litle pieces. put it by the chicken for a few minutes. Then get the chicken out cut it in smal pieces and trow it with the paprika in the soup pan.
I coocked the soup in twenty minutes last five minutes a put the vermicelli by the soup, and last 2 minutes some cellery out a jar.

By own taste
I used one tablespoon with stockcube, one litle teaspoon with sambal and a herbalinfusion bag beef flavour.

I let the soup draw for an houer, and then heated it up again

enjoy your soup [smg id=1200]
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