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xx Onoo not another update
July 11, 2019, 08:45:47 PM by Zilverling
Do you recognize, being in a game have a wunderfull evening, and then bed time, you want to put youre computer out , and there it starts
Windows wants to update don't close youre computer.
Well I want to cloose it or I will fal asleep behind that "THING".
Now a day's I let the computer on and just cloose my monitor.

But then the next time you want to game.........
Computer is updating   Arch onooo didn't he do that last night wen I left it on, wel the comuter is opdating so I clean some windows  (real windows ) not computer ones cause there updating. Done my windows ........... computer stil updating  arch I clean my Desk (real desk) i Can hear the clock downstairs.
OMG it's updating for half an houer now.

Now my pc done it I am getting frustrated, and press the reset button.

It starts up again thank you up there And know ....... computer can't up date  it's going to restore his program.

oww   my God is  my computer going to down date know???

I go and do some laundry and yes after another 15 minutes I see windows again
I look at my clean windows and desk and think
shoot i be angry or happy spending my time
like this
xx Europian Parlement voting or not
May 21, 2019, 07:02:43 PM by Zilverling
Thursday we can vote for the Europian Parlement. my first reaction was I am not going to vote. I like my country to be my country and not a Province from Europe. Things has changed to much. By the Shoppingmall or in the centre of the town, We have East Europians making most of the time awfull music and asking for money. I watched it and see the musisian use an expensive cellphone I could not afford that, and he drives away on a scooter, somuch for the poor and the beggin.
Ouer prime minister had a new goal, everyone who has no job should filling boxes in shops, He says we don't want to do this job, and people from Poland do these jobs in hour supermarkets for us.
Well Minister Rutte I have news for you, Last year I did twelve job letters to get that job. But they doesn't want me Because I have "no experience" to put merchandise on shelves.

I don't know much about Europe, I don't know nothing about politicians.
But I learned they doesn't know nothing about us.
We are treated as one group :( the group that doesn't want to work.
 But they opened all the borders for foreigers to take the available jobs.

I go and vote Thursday for a party who wants to have less to do with Europe.
And hope we can reign ouer country , instead let Europe do it.
xx Morning exercise at home
February 23, 2019, 08:02:25 PM by Zilverling
Every morning we have breakfast. And every morning we like to ea that in front of the television.
When ouer kids grown up, we done with the education and can eat in front of ouer television set.
So every morning the news with sandwich and thee.

One morning i sat alone for the breakfastnews, after the news  starts the music from the morning gymnasitic programs.
After years of switching the program quick away from all this exercise programs, I thought

I join today....
So I moved the bench and stapping on the music trying to follow the exercises.
intensive bussy, I don't hear my husband come in.

Youre doing this wrong, he said. On television they had litle bottles in their hand used as weightlifting.
My hands were empty. Sorry the program started so quickly I had no time to get some bottles was my excuse.

He gave me a bottle with cleaner and one with cola, and there I went on wih my training
happy the program ended a few minutes later.

xx Diét
February 20, 2019, 09:37:02 PM by Zilverling
Today i found a new diët,

it's realy easy light diet

I   will eat at daylight
and by electricity light
or by candle light
and sometimes even by the light of the refridgerator

xx I think Google is a woman
August 02, 2018, 02:45:45 PM by Zilverling

I think Google is a woman,
You can't finish one sentence,
and She comes already with different idea's.

 :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:
xx Free expression of biscuits with gravy.
July 07, 2018, 07:49:57 PM by Zilverling
Well A few weeks ago when I was on a teamspeak . I heard people talking about food. That makes me 1 always hungry and 2 always curious.
I sometimes wunder why mostly man always talk about food. But what I heard now was about a breakfast recept called biscuit and gravy.
It sounds realy strange made me laugh and I was thinking at cookies with gravy  :tongue01: could it be chocolatechips cookies?
but I googled, that's what google is for,

I didn't understand the recept, but A thing stayed on my mind gravy of sausage was the best gravy, ok if you say so i thought and backed to sausages good, for the restt of the recept I googled a picture and uses some of mine imagination.

done but i stil have my doubts its the same, I made it like I make Ragout that's not with gravy but with Bouillon.
I made it it was a litle to salt must have been  the bouillon.

Made a picture for prove and put it on the website, and then enjoyd eating it with Bert.
When I finnest I thought i've mist something the cookies the biscuits ore the pastry things cause that's what they looked like on a picture,

I still don't know what the biscuits are, but next time I use some swedisch Knáckebröt
thats  more familliar to me

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clip Happens in Holland
June 01, 2018, 02:54:03 PM by Zilverling
A family in Holland went on vacantion for a few weeks. The neighbouers help eachother wen they are away, they put the trashcan 's out for the family.
when they came back the found a note from the postman. Package delivered in blue container.
The bleu container is for the paper trash and neighbouers had helped them empthing the container.
So tghey lost a good sweater hey ordered.
They complained by the postoffice, but they said them to complaine by the store were they bought the sweater.
The postoffice doesn't take responsebillity,

So be ware in Holland work postman who don't know the difference between postbox and  trash containers.

xx I never again say you can wake me up for a pizza
May 25, 2018, 03:03:53 PM by Zilverling
They ring ouer doorbel in the midle of the night 0:40 houers.
I was affraid something bad had happened, like a family member past away.
Stands a pizza deliverer at my door mrs youre pizza is here???
I didn't order one. oww he said  Iam a the wrong adress I am sorry
Got a headache from this. I don't think you can order a pizza and let it be delivered in the midle of the night.

Because it has been warm weeks I keep my curtains closed at daytime to keep the warmth outside.
I am affraid if i not opened the window and asked why he ring the doorbel he would came back and comit brugerly break in my house and stole things :(

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