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xx Volcano improved game engine
April 01, 2012, 05:41:57 PM by Hotdog-TG-
Volcano improved game engine
This is a improved demo of the game :)
it add's some new object's and effects.

like i already ask before  if somebody  knows some funny message if the character dies.
i need like 10 messages of the next category's
1. burning by lava
2. bit by an fireboll
3. killed by spikes
4. falling to death

i will also like a feedbeck of how you like the game, idea's are welcome 2.

i haven't add sounds yet, and this background i made is for level editing,

the final version will have improved images.;sa=view;down=192
xx Wolfenstein ET Download
November 02, 2010, 01:01:44 AM by Hotdog-TG-
Wolfenstein ET Download;sa=view;down=151

Download link of the 3D Shooter Game Wolfenstein ET
Hotdogs server (hopefully TG server soon)
question For all, before D/L & installation.
April 03, 2010, 06:35:11 PM by BGs_WILLcry
 Hi, HotDog.

   What are the minimum software/hardware requirements,
for the game to run fine ?

 I run WinNT2000 PRO SP4.

 Thanks, and blue skies.
xx Volcano (First Game)
March 28, 2010, 09:09:56 PM by Hotdog-TG-
Hello, I'm Hotdog.
And i don't just play games but i also like to (try :tongue01:) to create my own games.
so this board is to share the games i am making with other members and friends of TG-Squad.
after 5 years of work and making a backup of the wrong Dir i lost all my work so i have to start over  :'(.

Right now i am working on a game volcano.

Its a 2D platform game, about an scientist who work in a volcano, while the lava starts rising.
Can the leave the volcano and survive or will he die in the heat of mother earth's blood

The graphic inset ready yet but i create it after i think the gameplay is ready.
you play the game using the arrow buttons on your keyboard.

Volcano (First Game);sa=view;down=118
Can you escape from the volcano?
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