Volcano (First Game)

xx Volcano (First Game)
March 28, 2010, 09:09:56 PM by Hotdog-TG-
Hello, I'm Hotdog.
And i don't just play games but i also like to (try :tongue01:) to create my own games.
so this board is to share the games i am making with other members and friends of TG-Squad.
after 5 years of work and making a backup of the wrong Dir i lost all my work so i have to start over  :'(.

Right now i am working on a game volcano.

Its a 2D platform game, about an scientist who work in a volcano, while the lava starts rising.
Can the leave the volcano and survive or will he die in the heat of mother earth's blood

The graphic inset ready yet but i create it after i think the gameplay is ready.
you play the game using the arrow buttons on your keyboard.

Volcano (First Game)

Can you escape from the volcano?

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xx Re: Volcano (First Game) (Reply 1)
March 30, 2010, 04:59:56 PM by Hotdog-TG-
If you did play this game then you have seen that if you die you get in the most cases an empty message box.
thats because i made an system to show random text when you die, but i don't know Wat i should write in the message boxes.

so if you know anyting funny and nice you can post it in this topic i use the 10 best of each category witch are 6.

1: Dead by lava
2: Dead by Fireball
3: Dead by gravity (jump from to high)
4: Dead by getting hit by an dropping floor
5: Dead by sharp rocks
6: Escape from the volcano

so do you now a nice text? then you text will get in this game.
and you name will be display under makers of he game as story / text writer.

Remember this game still looks ugly because i create the graphich after i finest the game play.
xx Re: Volcano (First Game) (Reply 2)
April 02, 2010, 11:07:43 PM by Hotdog-TG-

i got an  update i changed the black walls and floors to better graphich.

Wat i dit was add an animation of 6 frames refry frame is 16X16.
but the blocks doesn't play the animation but has frame 0 as image,
then it looks if there is an block above or under it if there is then it knows that its a vertical wall
and it will get image 5 witch is a vertical wall
then it checks if the position is on the left on the screen is it is then it change to image 3
then it is doing again to make it image 4 if its on the right side of the screen.

then it reapeats but then it Will check if there is a block on the left or right and uses the same system to change those images.

xx Re: Volcano (First Game) (Reply 3)
January 29, 2012, 01:39:49 PM by Hotdog-TG-
I am workin at the volcano game again!
so i wand to ask if somebody knows some nice text's to put in the game (Post 2:)
next to that,
if you do have a funny idea to add someting, to make the game more fun,
then i am open for sugestions.
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