Where the HELL have I been?

xx Where the HELL have I been?
January 17, 2011, 11:55:59 PM by Gumby1
As the title implies I may be more than a little con-fus-ed these days! I was in the Illinois for a while! Home of the fighting Illini! What the hell is an Illini you say? Ask our beloved ghostly737 for that answer he hangs out with the whole lot! I personally never knew there was such an animal as a redneck from Illinois but I have had my thoughts adjusted in that area by the intervention of A: a Redneck from southern Illinois B: Said rednecks fascination with home brewed liqour! I stand corrected! I also had the unwanted and unwarranted pleasure of partaking in the hospitality of some Razorbacks of the Arkansas variety! I had no idea that they grew more rice than a chinese farmer on crack! But I do now! Redneck rice cookers! The mere thought! Sheesh! I do apologise for my lack of wit my son has been hanging around me with a cyclone following him around! Got me going nuckingfuts! I will be travelling to the great state of Indiana shortly. I will attempt to mantain long enough to regal you with tails of ineptitude and moral idignation suitable to your stature in life! Adios mi amigos! :redneck: :redneck: :redneck:

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