Windows 10 forced updates.

thumbdown Windows 10 forced updates.
August 12, 2015, 03:39:06 PM by JnL staff
It has been almost two weeks since Windows 10 was released to the public and we had many discussions regarding windows 10.

The latest from Microsoft is you cannot choose how you want the windows update to function.

One time you could choose automatic, download and install on the fly, download and install the components you wanted or not at all. M$ deemed to make it mandatory with no choice (every new windows number has less choice for the user). The latest Windows10 update was less than desirable and caused error, so windows rolls back and then, forces the troubled update. We have had a flurry of laptops come in to our workshop to fix this.

More convinced than ever now that Linux is the way for users to control how and when they use their machines. After all how would you react if you bought a car and was unable to use your car/truck/motorcycle as it needs to be washed, waxed and dried by the supplier but the wax had dirt in it so it has to be rinsed off, washed and waxed with the contaminant once again. All the time you cannot use your vehicle until it's washed and waxed successfully. Would you accept this? NO I don't think so!

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