Shoutbox History

says: Birthday jammy were is the cake
says: Happy Birthday Gumby, going have a drink on you later!
says: Still some hiccups but think I'm good on the site now
says: Thank you,It was ouer coral weddingday :)
says: Happy 35th Anniversary Zilverling, a great milestone achievment!
says: Ya can't keep a good Geko down for long! Welcome back LoneWolfe.
says: GEKO representing,Wolfe is back from the grave.
says: I
am happy the shout are back
says: The website is looking great,never knew we had so many alies.
says: Yep been looking for you! Why the consolidation?
says: I hope it was a Dyson Zilverling :-)
says: Somebody went over the teamspeak with his vacuumcleaner....:(
says: Glad to help and see you back again Rwolf.
says: Whee! TG website works again for me ;-)
says: Gumby, did you get online to teamspeak yet?
says: Happy New Year.......... Proost
says: Happy new year everyone ,Make it a good one.
says: Happy new year everyone, hope 2019 is a better and kinder year for us all.

Love & Peace.
says: Happy New Year!
says: Happy belated Merry Christmas everyone and wish you all Happy New year with Health,Happiness and a lot of money of course !!!! miss you all hope to come back and play again one day maybe !!!! take care all of you ;-)
says: Merry Christmas and Happy New year! What is this that I hear about Titan fall? Is it any good? And how user friendly?
says: Merry Christmas everyone!!

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