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says: Many thanks for your wishes !!! hope you are all in good health, that's the more important during this bad time !!!! take care all !!! best regards ;-) Philippe
says: Joyeux anniversaire Phillipe, Je prendrai un verre en votre honneur

Bonne jour nee.
says: Félicitations Phil, je vous souhaite une très belle journée.
says: Happy new year Phil and everyone i hope 2021 is a healthier and prosperous new year and better than 2020
says: Happy new year 2021 to all members and family wish you Health essentialy and a lot of money off course !!!! best regards from me !!!
says: Icons  on the shoutbox I cant help it but i Just need to try them out  :) ;)
\love it
says: I hear you Zilverling.
Merry Christmas everyone!
says: Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy and Healthy New year.
says: Long time im not taken some news of you all, hope youare in good health !!! personaly all is good for the moment ! i wish the same thing for you sisters and brothers !!! take care of you ;-) best regards Philippe
says: Happy Birthday cc737-TG- have a great day Chuckles. 🎂
says: There is a new wire on Thanks to Bert I can use it :)
says: I guess you kind of upgraded it to a Wireless mouse? Next task: learning how to solder...
says: Happy with my new mouse, in a much to difficult package, learned not to use my scissors and cut the wire from the mouse :(
says: No problems John hope one thing only....Alzeimer is not a friend to you !!! lol best regards my friend !!!
says: Dammit again I forgot to celebrate last Tuesday as it was Bastille day in France, so.

Happy belated Bastille day!
says: Hey Gumby how ya doing?
says: Hello!
says: Dammit! I forgot, Happy Independance day to all our American friends.
says: Happy Indépendance Day to American people hope you have a great one !!! hope you are all in good ealth take care of yourself all ;-)
says: Hey Zaphod where you at?
says: We saw the space shutlle live online go in the air Space , happy we can see so much online
says: Many tks my friend,no worries ,we all had a bad and sad périod !!! hope Kelly and you are in a good health and finally hope we'll have to destroy definitly this coronavirus ,take care of yourself ;-)

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