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says: Join you Kelly on your prayers take care of you and John and your family be patient PS:all is right for us ;-)
says: My heart and prayers go out to those who are suffering over the effects of Coronavirus.

Love, health and peace.
says: Happy Friday
says: take care for yourself and family !!!!
says: Tommorow we have the next storm called Dennis
says: good news !!!! tks for answers
says: Extremely windy here, only one tree was uprooted no other damage or reported injuries. so far. One stage thought we were going to lose our windows, but all good.
says: Thank you
says: Storm is stil going on overhere .
says: To my friends of U.K and Nederlands take care of you all about the storm called "Ciara" !!!  ;-)
says: Welcome back, TG website :-)
says: Happy weekend, for every one
says: Welcome back Gumby (I think). We need a fourth level 80 overpower 8 Ultimate Vault hunter.
says: Well damnit ! welcome back Gumby !!! ;-)
says: Damnit! I am Gumby! I am getting new headphone tomorrow to do the team speak thing again! I have already reinstalled a lot of the NL programs! Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things!
says: Can you put the question on ouer forum, please, then it wil be answered, Thank you.
says: No Stats on the IC Server ?
says: [quote ghostly737 says: Very nice Christmas tree... don't trust the snowman! He looks familiar...][/quote]

Yeah one of those Gingerton thugs I bet.
says: Happy new year to all,health,happyness,love …...and for sure a lot of money !!!  ;-)
says: Happy new year everyone 🥃
says: Merry Christmas and a better new year.
says: Merry Christmas everyone, hoping you have a better 2020.
Love & Peace.

Yes it does look bad, Zaphod kicked one in the groin area, the snowman was shattered by this action.

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