Shoutbox History

says: Greetings friends do you wish to look as happy as I am
says: How do all . Cheers for a good game on jo.ic last night and cheers to Zaphod for correcting my profile during mid game nice one . .
says: Welcome to the squad Mick
says: Smae back at you Phillipe! And everybody else as well!
says: Hi all,hope yu are in good health, just passed to wish yu a good week end and cyu soon !!! friendly yurs Philippe ^_^
says: Oh so true, didn't she do well.
says: So did we, ha ha ha!
says: I did and thank you xxx
says: Happy Birthday Gamerz - have a wonderful day sweetie.
says: I am! You crotchety old farts!
says: i'm saying nothing.
says: happy birthday tom - you're officially as OLD as MEEEEEE
says: Hi all,hope yu are in good health !!! just passed to say ....... heu !! Hellllllllllllooooooooooo ^_^
says: That thing is nasty why don't put it away before you hurt someone! LMAO!
says: This toy Gumby.
says: What toys?
says: I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more
says: Gumby heres your toys back

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