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Malware site tactics
« on: April 09, 2010, 06:59:30 PM »
A service I used to use but had not logged into for over a year, sent me a email stating I have a private message, so I logged in and my credentials still worked, well I read a message from a person purporting to be admin warning me I had been spamming (I knew this wasn’t true and I knew the admin well enough to know it wasn’t him).

It showed a link I have to go to get a malware/anti virus scan, I knew then this was a phishing trip, I followed the link to be greeted with a forced download of a so called anti virus link.
I clicked no but it tried to download anyhow, it didn’t get far my Avast V5 antivirus jacked in and cut it off dead, so I didn’t get the program to find out all about it.

I then noticed that the board had a bot posting in there and it was flooding the forums, I left a message with the admin to either beef up his security and update his forum core (it was last done in 2005) or completely delete my account from his system.

I did a search on Google for this name and it hit 3060 forums and is like a rash on those forums.

The name is ErnestTravino the website is a subdomain of ip
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Re: Malware site tactics
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