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Nation On The Edge
« on: May 15, 2010, 01:04:03 PM »
We are a TG squad, a squad of nations round the world, brothers in arms, and good cheer.......

Nation On The Edge
Sadly one of our nations is falling from grace in to the abyss of The New World Order (NWO). Yes, falling without a shot fired... With people hypnotized and praying to the warm glow of a television screen. Once a beacon of freedom to all that wish to legally immigrate and share a dream of working together for the good will and prosperity of all dreams.  Her values of Truth and Justis carelessly thrown a sunder by the Holly-er than thou Judicial, Legislative, and Executive officials. Her elected Officials and Federal Reserve, more dangerous than a standing army to her people. Now one of the greatest symbols of that nation shall be cast aside with her genuine people not far behind, all thrown in the garbage like a used paper towel. 

The flag of the United States of America is possibly being banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently, the government officials, and their side kicks, the paid or strong armed media Fox News feel it is best to not fly the U.S. flag any more, starting in the schools. Possibly it's a representation of all those terrorist (citizens) residing in front of their glowing tubs. Yep, homeland security has labeled her citizens terrorist, and have all kinds of  dastardly programs in store for them, i.e. the new Health Care Plan has lots of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), lots of bio genetic tracking devises, don"t forget lots of guns for the 60.000 new IRS special squads members to help all those praying terrorist in front of their glowing tubes. Moreover, many other alphabet acronyms have boosted budgets to corral these terrorist (people) inside the borders of the U.S. and have in listed the help of illegal aliens to make sure to put these folks (terrorist) out of work. Finally, with no flag, and her people (terrorist) subdued, the elite may now get on with proper serfdom under the NWO......... 

Here is the link to cast your vote for banning the U.S. Flag, and promote proper serfdom in the U.S.

P.S. Please don't feel left out if your from another Country the NWO will get to you soon...........


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