Author Topic: Two maps I could not finish on TG AW2 server  (Read 126 times)

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Two maps I could not finish on TG AW2 server
« on: November 16, 2019, 09:15:47 PM »
There was one AW2 map yesterday which I, Zilverling and Jockserb could not figure out.
Unfortunately I don't recall it's name, and I came in when it was half-done already.

The object is to take out 20 snipers and 20 hidden C4 charges on a small island, and then save 2 prisoners. A mix of Civilians and enemies are running around, some on bicycles & tuk-tuk trikes. As I came in there were still 20 snipers, and 10 C4 charges to take care of. Two were marked, and the rest hidden. However, every few minutes, the C4 charge counter was counting up; if you found one it counted down, but soon it increased again; it did not seem as if the hidden charges were re-spawned after being blown up, but it was impossible to get it to zero, the numbers went up too fast.

Also, the 20 snipers were nowhere to be seen, neither were the prisoners, only a mix of ordinary soldiers which eventually was gone, leaving the civilians milling about.  Any pointer on how to end this map properly would be helpful.

I suspect some counter was going haywire on its own. It seemed to have been finished or rolled today, as another map is on just now:

'AW2 Ponderous Regeneration'.

Now this last map is another oddball, and again left half-done. There is a slew of zombies spawning and falling down in a medium sized, but tall room, and you have ladders & walkways to use to get at the top...except at the top there should be some trigger console to open walls or stop the respawning zombies; this was detroyed as I ame in, and the zombies just kept spawning at the top platform, with no way to proceed further, that I could see.

Please roll/remove this last map, if there is no other way to end it.

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Re: Two maps I could not finish on TG AW2 server
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 03:21:59 PM »
Unfortunately Ponderous regeneration has players active ingame so that will be rolled as soon as it's either empty or played through and then will be removed as for previous game I would need the name so as to remove it from list.
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