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« on: February 24, 2020, 06:46:33 PM »
Last week my Bicycle broke   No I had no accident but my backwheel just stopped spinning
We put the wheel upside down in the room To cold to make it outside.
 You never would have thought that there are so many parts conected to the back wheel
And of course we needed to order some spare parts
I have no technical skils but we ordered a new midle of my wheel "hub"
Somy bike and he wheels ends up in the shed.

Means day's of walking to the supermarket. I decide to buy a shoppingbag on wheels.
I had to put it together in the shoppingmall so I could use it immediately.
I maneged to do it ... a proud and litle technical feeling comes over me.

Now I like to walk to the supermarket, i see more and have more time.
Now my bike the spare part arrived seems to be not the same as the original.
It was no problem Bert made it work.
Tommorow the gear...

and then on the road again :thmbup


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