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Author Topic: DSL connectability. Or, I dont see no steenking data jacks.  (Read 490 times)

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DSL connectability. Or, I dont see no steenking data jacks.
« on: December 20, 2004, 12:16:40 AM »
It has been an awfully long time since i bought my first $300.00 marvel of a 300baud modem in which you could handily place the phone reciever on it to make a miraculous connection to another computer.

Well, the POPS is just entirely too damn slow to do anything except recieve bare text Email.

And the current solution that washed up on shore is the low budget bargain rate $19.95 (I wonder why they don't just say twenty bucks plus taxes and hidden fees?) from SBC Yahoo.

The hardware for multi machine hookup arrived the other day.  Causing a small flurry of motion in the computer room.  Ya, that means I actually got out of my chair to inspect the contents.  It was a box with a box and some wires, a DVD, and a crappy booklet with a cd.

Putting aside all the sparkly chinese made junk in the box.  My first dim glimmer to rise out of the fog of a brain not yet dosed with coffee and a couple of cigarettes was, "Where the hell am I, why am I here without coffee and where am i going to plug this mess in?"

After a brisk conversation with Juan Valdez and his leeettle boooro I did a little checking on the trusty ol' internet.

An interesting little bit I ran across was an article about getting the most bang for the bucks out of your connection.

In the article attached to the above URL the DSL geeks slap together a jake legged direct data jack using Cat5e data cable.  And, in the process eliminating the need to hang filter plugs all over the house at every phone and apliance that may use the phone line like sat reciever, answering machine, fax machine, or modem connect computer war dialer  :wink:

So, I have secured a 100' roll of Cat5e "riser grade" data cable.  And a nice sturdy wall jack.  And will in the next couple of days (yes now that it is here it is supposed to get seriously frigid for the next two weeks in OKC) will draw the new cable thru the wall into the computer room.

Although they hacked up a really scab looking assembly the theory is sound.  And with a phone in every pooproom and under every cushion type of house the part about eliminating the filters sounds nice.

The kit included 4 filters and a wall phone base with a filter.  Sheeze, I have 4 wall phones if you count the greenhouse and the garage phones.  And have no intention whatsoever to buy any extras from SBC at their economical $45.00 each.

So the mentioned article connects to the Phone co side of the NID, and puts one of the 4 shipped convenient filters on the customer side service connect jack thereby filtering the DSL range stuff before it enters the house wiring.  The geek story says you could get an extra couple of hundred Bits per second downlink connectibility.

Oh incase you passed it by that link was:


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