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Big Brother >>> Ndisuio.sys
« on: March 08, 2007, 09:00:58 AM »
Ndisuio.sys, is a mysterious system file is present in Windows XP and is a so called driver for wireless things such as wi-fi and bluetooth,  there are issues (not him again) with this file, downloading immense amounts of data and perhaps causing activity that is "I'm being hacked"  :angry:
hardly any data is available by Microsoft and that is enough to make it suspicious.  :angry02:

It turns out this file duplicates data that is sent/received, so wherever you go, it will also transfer the data to that file but it does not leave the computer/network so it's not spy/malware.  :tongue01:
But duplicating this data can drain resources so disabling it is the best thing to do.
To disable this file, go to the control panel, administration tools, services, Wireless Zero Configuration, double click and disable it.

N.B. This sys file is generally used for running  Windows WiFi  . But it can be safely blocked in your firewall, NICE ONE MICROSOFT! you did it again.  :glezga:
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