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Support / Re: Missing AW
« Last Post by Zaphod on February 19, 2021, 11:44:08 PM »

Support / Re: Missing AW
« Last Post by Zilverling on February 19, 2021, 11:19:41 AM »
Support / Re: Missing AW
« Last Post by Zaphod on February 17, 2021, 08:22:17 PM »
Back online now, it sysdumped on map treehouse.

Support / Missing AW
« Last Post by Zilverling on February 17, 2021, 06:48:07 PM »
The AW server from the TG Squad is not on Nova World at the moment.
Could you put it back online please.
Game Talk / MOVED: Can you roll the map on AW 2 ?
« Last Post by Zaphod on February 11, 2021, 07:28:28 PM »
Support / Re: Can you roll the map on AW 2 ?
« Last Post by Zaphod on February 11, 2021, 07:27:26 PM »
I missed this post as it's meant to be in support not in game talk. Someone must have finished it as it has moved on without intervention from admins.
Had it been posted in support Admins would have received an alert.
Support / Can you roll the map on AW 2 ?
« Last Post by Zilverling on February 06, 2021, 08:14:07 PM »
I was Gaming on the TG squad server from AW2. The map called Sniper-Ridge was already been played. I went on the search for the last fuelcans, I found to and got some help from RR-Raven. We went looking in the chopper and then the Map crashed, we land up walking in the air, we could not end the game.
General / Made some changes to Shoutbox
« Last Post by Zaphod on December 25, 2020, 03:28:21 PM »
Hey I noticed that I could enhance to shout box a little so now you can use icons as emotes just like a post. I will also be resizing some of the lager Icons as they are just too big and break up a page layout.

Check it out.
Game Talk / Teamspeak and Windows 10
« Last Post by Zaphod on November 09, 2020, 04:46:11 PM »
Although not specifically game related topic I include this here as it is mainly 90% used for gaming.

Teamspeak although very very useful is not well written in terms of Windows compliance, for example if you hit power button or the power off in the start button (any 32/64bit windows or NT) and a program is still running windows will send a notification to the program and it will close any data files open and shutdown. Thsi is not the case with Teamspeak3, XP and vista would tell you that it's running and will wait for you to force close it before it shuts down or restarts (whatever you chose), Wins 7, 8 did the same and 8.1 and 10 will learn by warning you to force close it and then after a time learn and just get on with the forced close.

This alone is not good, as a programmer myself and have written windows programs if you left my programs open and shut windows down it will comply with the request to close by the windows API and close down.

Teamspeak does not. Now I find that Teamspeak will no longer auto run on windows startup or allow different ports to be used for sound and  queries, the former and latter I used a different port for security reasons as everyone knows the standard ports and "flooding programs" have these ports built in.

So! Teamspeak won't close when windows closes (not good), won't start with a custom port (also not good) and Teamspeak won't autostart from a shortcut or script (not good either).

I am now looking at Ventrillo, this is a system that was better than Teamspeak V2 in terms of codecs and bandwidth as it was not so greedy.

So I shall be looking at the virtues of Ventrillo or other Voice chat systems.

Have fun!
Support / Re: Advanced warfare 2
« Last Post by Rwolf on November 09, 2020, 03:33:14 PM »
Yes, I did not want to dig too deep into this error, but for me it usually comes up when an otherwise fully functional server loads a bad map, and first everyone playing on it times out; then any reconnect attempts shows the server but you only get a preliminary 'enumerating session' as a result. (Currently the maps running on TG are tested and good, so this is unlikely here.)

Also when the server port forwarding setup through a firewall is not correct, the server talks to the Novalogic servers and it shows up, but an external player only gets 'enumerating session' when trying to connect; sometimes the host can be seen playing on their server, but noone else can connect. (This is unlikely to happen on TG servers, since you know what you are doing)
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